Eliminate siloed systems.

Modern IT scatters applications, data, services, and devices across environments. Only a flexible, distributed approach to integration and process automation can untangle such a complex ecosystem.

With Librimind’s intelligent integration technologies and strategies, you can bring order to your environments and focus on production.


Centralized automation using Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform—a built-in component of Librimind integration engine, allows to easily integrate with ERP, MES, Inventory Management Systems and other existing systems to ensure the continuity of information flow with absolutely no disruption to an on-going production.


Librimind solutions can integrate with cloud data sources and on-premise systems. We offer a library of ready to use connectors to quickly get your data up and running and easily connect to any data source, from machine and enterprise data to ambient data like market information and operational benchmarks.


Librimind collaborative interface, CoLibri, was specifically designed for the greatest user adoption. Being based on enterprise-ready open-source SAP Fundamentals 3.0 component library, also known as SAP Fiori.Seamless integration of widely used user-experience (UX) and user-interface (UI), ensures your users keep using their favorite notations and shortcuts for maximal productivity.

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